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Pass/Fail Course

A class in which no grade is given; a student simply passes or fails. A pass has no impact on GPA but a failing grade is calculated as a 0.0. Colleges limit how many (if any) classes a student can take pass/fail, and typically students may not opt for pass/fail in required general education or major classes. 

Al explorar los recursos de Equipando Padres será posible que identifique términos que no reconozca. Es probable que sus estudiantes usen términos o palabras nuevas que no sepan traducir, explicar o definir. A continuación se encuentran términos en una lista alfabética para ayudarla.
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As you go through Equipando Padres University, you may hear unfamiliar terms. You may also hear your student using new terms/words, but when you ask them to explain further they may have trouble providing an accurate definition. Below is an alphabetical list to help you out.
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