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Community College

Community colleges are usually public institutions that focus on providing accessible, flexible courses. Although some CCs have dorms, most CC students commute from home and many are working full or part-time. Students can take one-off courses or pursue 2-year associate’s degrees or professional certifications. Often, credits from a community college can be transferred to a 4-year university. Some community colleges now offer 4-year degrees. 

Many first-generation students attend community college because of lower costs, smaller class sizes, and simple application processes. Some community colleges will offer things like student activities and organizations, residence halls, and competitive sports teams, while others may lack some or all of these features. 

Al explorar los recursos de Equipando Padres será posible que identifique términos que no reconozca. Es probable que sus estudiantes usen términos o palabras nuevas que no sepan traducir, explicar o definir. A continuación se encuentran términos en una lista alfabética para ayudarla.
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As you go through Equipando Padres University, you may hear unfamiliar terms. You may also hear your student using new terms/words, but when you ask them to explain further they may have trouble providing an accurate definition. Below is an alphabetical list to help you out.
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